You Too Can Yopp!

Barry Kroeker - March 20, 2014

drSuessAs a kid, one of my favorite bedtime stories was Horton Hears a Who, by Dr. Seuss. It's the story of an elephant who, by virtue of his oversized ears, is able to hear sounds of intelligent life from a dust speck, which turns out to be a very small planet/community of wee humanoids called "Whos."

The story reaches its dramatic climax as the Whos in Whoville strive to make themselves known in Horton's larger world by making enough noise to be heard. They're unsuccessful until a young Who named JoJo adds his voice.

JoJo's loud "Yopp" breaks the sound barrier, thereby saving the Whos from destruction.

The moral of the story, for all energy stakeholders, is this: You Too Can Yopp!

In fact, energy folk can yopp in ways that other Whos cannot (Wow, that sounded almost Seussian). And that is worth considering for a minute or two.

Why You Can Yopp

Cutting through the sound-suppressing atmosphere around Whoville is kind of like cutting through today's media noise to establish and enhance your company brand. Energy people have access to the kind of content that can cut right through the sound barrier.

Imagine that you are working in the marketing or public relations department for your organization. Your job is to improve the company's brand image. Day after day, you're looking for creative and innovative ways to do this. You've got lots of training and education. But there's one thing you can't yopp without: the data that makes the story.

Your Yopp Is Needed

Now put yourself back in your real job role! Every day you're dealing in energy data—data that proves how your organization is taking steps to save money, save energy, increase efficiency, and conserve resources. These are great goals. They're the kind of goals that can define an organization's brand in very favorable ways.

From a brand marketing perspective, they are exactly the kind of warm fuzzy goals that stir positive feelings your way. People like buying ENERGY STAR appliances as much as they like eating eggs from free-range chickens. Haven't you gotten that warm fuzzy feeling when you've purchased an economy car? Energy stewardship is good for your brand.

But you can't be like JoJo. At first, he was too busy playing with his yo-yo to bother with yopping. You're busy too. But there are a lot of things that you can do to get your important message out. We can help.

Need Help With Your Yopp?

Maybe you could save a planet. View our webinar.



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Barry Kroeker

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Barry Kroeker

Barry is Senior Marketing Manager for EnergyCAP, Inc., where he manages company advertising, campaign and content development, PPC , SEO, social media, and client case studies.

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