Changing Behavior to Save Energy

Blaine Clapper - July 10, 2018

thermostat_blogEquipment retrofits are complicated, expensive, and can take months or years to implement, but behavioral changes produce immediate energy and monetary savings.

In a recent EnergyCAP-hosted webinar, Matthew Cherrin, Energy Conservation Educator at University of New Mexico (UNM) described the behavior-based process used by UNM to achieve energy conservation success over the past decade.

UNM employs a team of five Energy Conservation Specialists who are tasked with on-going evaluation of the university’s 12 million usable square feet of facilities. The team, per Matt, is “constantly searching for nickels and dimes,” the zero-cost and low-cost energy conservation opportunities that add up to tremendous energy and monetary savings.

A decade of consistent energy conservation success is based on a highly repetitive process of benchmarking, issue identification, planning, and non-stop communication with building occupants and maintenance staff. Matt noted that it’s very important to “Let them know that what they are doing is making a difference.”

Since 2008, UNM’s behavioral change efforts have produced 22% usage avoidance and a documented cost avoidance of more than $52 million.


We greatly appreciate Matt’s time and willingness to share his team’s efforts and successes via the webinar. I encourage you to view the webinar in its entirety at to learn more about how the entire UNM system has and continues to produce energy savings through behavior modification.

Blaine Clapper

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Blaine Clapper

Blaine is EnergyCAP, Inc.’s Chief Marketing Officer and an AEE-certified Business Energy Professional.

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