The Joy of Finding the Right Tool

Barry Kroeker - September 18, 2013

This summer I needed to dismantle an old wooden playset in my backyard.

It had served my children faithfully for more than a decade but its usefulness was at an end. However, the 4x4 beams and 20-penny nails holding it together were going to be a challenge. Fortunately, I stumbled on that 4’ pry bar in the tool shed. It was heavy enough to swing like a club, and had just the right bends and angles to apply the leverage I needed to dismember my nemesis plank by plank.

The job was over quickly, and if the truth be told, I enjoyed it--sweat, scratches and all.

Oh the joy of finding just the right tool for the job.

Unfortunately, when it comes to energy management, there are a lot of people still rummaging around in the tool shed—or trying to do their very important jobs with the wrong tools. And they’re not having any fun.

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At Texas State University, the energy management folks knew they had problems:

  • Multiple data sources for energy information

  • Clumsy and inefficient processes for energy accounting and data sharing

  • Limited criteria for internal utility costing/chargebacks

  • Lack of infrastructure for granular tracking/reporting

So they looked around and found the right tool, and now they're having fun.

Read the Case Study to discover how Texas State University found the right tool to match their energy management vision.

When have you discovered the right tool for the job? You can comment by clicking here.

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Barry Kroeker

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