The Emerging Role of Corporate Energy Managers: Interview with Paul Baier

Chris Heinz - August 5, 2013

Groom Energy and conducted a survey to learn about the emerging role of corporate energy managers.

In this six-minute video, Chris Heinz, VP of Marketing for EnergyCAP, Inc. interviews Paul Baier of Groom Energy about the survey results. (You can learn more about the survey here.)

This video interview covers questions such as:

  1. Who did you target on the survey and what were you hoping to learn?

  2. What were the top priorities of energy managers and was anything lower on the priority list than you expected?

  3. How does management measure success? Did the survey reveal any popular key performance indicators?

  4. In more than 30 years, we've found that CFO's are often not involved in energy management. Did you find this to be true?

  5. Did you learn anything about the buying habits of organizations?

Watch the interview now.

About Paul Baier
Paul leads Groom Energy’s Sustainability Consulting practice to help customers with their sustainability, carbon footprint and energy reduction strategies. He’s also the primary author of an annual buyer’s guide for enterprise carbon accounting and sustainability software. Paul earned his MBA from Harvard Business School and his Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Kenyon College. Paul writes blogs on the Enterprise Smart Grid and Practical Sustainability, and sends a newsletter on the the smart grid and energy management software news; you can sign up here.

Topics: Energy Management

Chris Heinz

About the Author
Chris Heinz

Chris is Vice President of Human Resources for EnergyCAP, Inc., which helps organizations get value from their utility bills through energy management software. He's an Associate Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation, a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, and a Certified Professional Life Coach. He also started to help people love their life and love their work.

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