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Blaine Clapper - May 23, 2019

EnergyCAP’s inaugural Regional Training Conference (RTC) wrapped up yesterday in Irvine, CA. Feedback from those in attendance—EnergyCAP users from across the U.S.—was extremely positive, and EnergyCAP Version 7 received rave reviews.

0522-blog_dashboards-1In his concluding RTC session, EnergyCAP, Inc. Founder & CEO, Steve Heinz, announced the Dashboard Challenge. The Dashboard Challenge is a call to all EnergyCAP Version 7 users to share their favorite custom-designed EnergyCAP dashboard with other EnergyCAP users and website visitors. The designer of the best dashboard display—as judged by a panel of ECI experts—will receive a $100 Amazon gift card.

Steve outlined that EnergyCAP dashboards are valuable tools in three primary ways:

  • Communicating via dashboards is much easier, faster, and more convenient than with reports. Dashboards are commonly updated in real-time and are accessible across numerous platforms, including mobile phones and tablets.
  • Dashboards remind constituents that energy use is being monitored, it’s expensive, and it contributes to carbon emissions.
  • Culture change. Studies have shown that a culture of energy efficiency (awareness, outreach, feedback, accountability) can produce energy use reductions by as much as 10%. The primary motivation behind EPA ENERGY STAR ratings and mandatory benchmarking and disclosure legislation in dozens of jurisdictions is culture change that drives energy and carbon reductions.

Given those benefits, all EnergyCAP users are encouraged to create and share energy dashboards that they feel will convey the information required to effectively promote organization-wide energy awareness and conservation. And we would like to see and share what you create.

If you have not yet created and shared a custom EnergyCAP Version 7 dashboard, step-by-step instructions are provided in the EnergyCAP User Guide, which is readily accessible from within the application. Make sure you follow the Share Public Dashboard steps.

After your design is complete, please enter the Dashboard Challenge by emailing your dashboard link to by Friday, June 14, 2019. All entries received by the deadline will be shared on a public web page and will be eligible to receive the “Best Dashboard Award” and a $100 Amazon gift card.

We look forward to seeing your dashboard designs and thank you for promoting the value of energy conservation throughout your organization. If you’re not yet using EnergyCAP, please contact us to discuss your specific utility bill accounting and energy management needs and how EnergyCAP can help you meet those needs.

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Blaine Clapper

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Blaine Clapper

Blaine is EnergyCAP, LLC’s Chief Marketing Officer and an AEE-certified Business Energy Professional.

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