Struggling with Utility Bill Entry?

Barry Kroeker - October 22, 2014

In the past, we've reached out to a handful of customers with limited labor resources who were struggling to stay ahead of the utility bill data that was pouring into their offices—in the form of paper utility bills or diverse file formats.

That energy information had to find its way into the EnergyCAP database, and they needed help from someone with expertise dealing with energy data to help ensure data integrity throughout the process.

Empowering Our Clients

Our initial efforts were successful because we were working with EnergyCAP clients, who were already confident in the expertise of our staff and solution, and because outsourcing traditionally labor-intensive processes was financially attractive. These clients were used to doing the math, and they came to the conclusion that EnergyCAP could do the heavy lifting more cheaply than they could.

It occurred to us that the problems these clients faced might be shared by others, so we began developing a more formal service that would incorporate the lessons we were learning. In the process, we realized that by taking on some of the "front-end" data entry chores, we were really empowering our clients to use our software more effectively. This fit with our company vision, so we decided to offer the service to all of our clients, and today we are.

Introducing Bill CAPture

We call it Bill CAPture, which is a sophisticated service that converts your PDF, XLS, TXT, CSV, and/or EDI file formats, and even your paper bills, to a format that can be electronically imported into your EnergyCAP database. If you are a current EnergyCAP client, we hope you’ll consider Bill CAPture as another energy management solution.

Might Bill CAPture be right for you? Learn more or contact us.

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Barry Kroeker

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Barry Kroeker

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