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Barry Kroeker - September 7, 2016

pebble-view.jpgOur readers may remember a June blog where we shared a story about two of our EnergyCAP software developers who competed in a local golf charity event and ended up winning an all-expense-paid trip to Pebble Beach, California, 

to compete in the largest amateur golf tournament in the world.

Today, we’ll tell you the end of that story. We’ll also share about next Tuesday's webinar—the latest in our Energy Leader Webinar series. You won't want to miss it!

The Back Story

On June 7, EnergyCAP employees Jared Matthews and Terry Yoder, who had never golfed together before, defeated 10 other golf pairs in a local charity event which was also a feeder program for the international Audi quattro Cup tournament.

This victory qualified them to compete in the national competition held in Pebble Beach August 26-27. There, the competition was much stiffer—other winning pairs from 85 locations across the United States.

Audi generously picked up the tab for trip expenses, and it was a unique experience for both men. We had a chance to interview Jared and Terry after their trip. Here is the rest of their story.

Pebble Beach!


Jared Matthews (l) and Terry Yoder (r) said they were wearing perpetual smiles for most of the tournament.

Jared and Terry arrived in California, with wives in tow, on Thursday, August 25th. The tournament was played Friday and Saturday on two courses, Pebble Beach and Spanish Bay. Jared said that Audi took great care of the visiting golfers and their families, providing resort accommodations (Terry and Jared and their wives stayed at Spanish Bay) and even lunch buffets for the wives during the golf competitions.

The event began with a lavish outdoor reception Thursday night for the 172 golfers (86 pairs), their guests, and Audi dealership representatives.

Friday morning, the pair went to work, playing the first holes at Pebble Beach under cloudy skies.


Jared Matthews tees off on the first hole at Pebble Beach Golf Course.

“Teeing off on hole number one at Pebble Beach was the most nervous I’ve ever been in my life,” said Jared. “It was the first time I’d played with a crowd watching.”

Despite the jitters and butterflies, Terry and Jared agreed that the experience was better than they had ever anticipated. “My wife Kendra walked the whole 18 holes taking pictures,” said Terry. “I think I was smiling in every one of them.”

“Fish,” Gulls, Seals and Deer


Jared and Terry (l) with their competitors made a happy foursome on the first day of the Audi quattro Cup tournament.

Their Audi-supplied caddy, Josh (nicknamed Fish), turned out to be a great asset during play at Pebble Beach, helping them direct their golf shots when the green was not visible, and advising them on club selection.

The team was amazed by the scenic vistas, beaches, and wildlife, including seals, seagulls, and abundant deer not at all intimidated by golf balls, according to Jared.


Seals and seagulls sun themselves on the ocean shoreline at Pebble Beach.

“Number six is a very dramatic hole,” said Terry. “That was absolutely stunning and even more beautiful than I thought it would be. The sun came out then with the blue sky and it just got gorgeous. I’ve seen some of the holes on television, but I never had a feel for number six until we got there. It’s a hole you can see from all over the course. You can see that outcropping or cliff. There’s a peninsula that’s really high up. We bogeyed it.”


Jared, Terry, and Fish head up the hill to the sixth green at Pebble Beach.

The Stableford Score

I asked the pair to provide some details about their tournament performance. “We finished 26th out of 86 teams,” said Jared.

The tournament uses the points-based (Stableford) scoring, and Jared told me that they ended up scoring 58 points. With Stableford, the higher the score, the better the performance. By comparison, the winning team had 75.

Jared and Terry had an 8 handicap, which meant that their team got to reduce their strokes by one on the toughest eight holes of the course. Their Stableford score on Day One was a 28. It could have been worse but they had a little luck on hole number nine. At 460+ yards, it’s one of the longest par fours on the course with the ocean on the right and a deep-bunkered gully left. “I hit a drive which was a little off the fairway, and it rolled down the cart path … for about a 400-yard drive,” said Jared. His lucky shot gave Terry an easy wedge shot to the green. By comparison, the other group in their foursome hit a good drive and were still using a fairway wood for the second shot.

The walk up to the green at 18 was very emotional for both golfers, due to their experience watching televised Pebble Beach tournaments with greats like Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods. “There were butterflies in my stomach the whole time walking up the 18th fairway,” said Jared. Terry agreed: “There are condos surrounding that hole, and you could tell people were watching. It was a great feeling. I felt so alive.”


Yoder and Matthews enjoy the vista as they finish the 18th hole at Pebble Beach.

Day Two of the tournament was played at Spanish Bay, which Terry described as a links style course with very dramatic undulations. “Those greens were very difficult,” he said. “They were faster [than Pebble Beach] and they were very undulating and sloped.” The pair ended up with a 30-point Stableford score that day, which would have been higher if more putts would have dropped. Jared was still unhappy about a three-foot missed birdie opportunity.


Jared Matthews lines up a long putt from the fringe at Pebble Beach.

Even though the pair didn’t win, they agreed that the tournament experience was wonderful, especially the opportunity to play two of the best golf courses in the country. “I have a lot of friends who are golfers who asked me about it,” said Terry. “I would encourage people all the more to go. Even if it costs a lot, it is absolutely worth it!”

The tournament concluded Saturday night with the awards ceremony where the two best teams were selected to go on to the international tournament finals to be played in Barcelona, Spain, in early October. We wish them success!

And Now the Webinar …

We want you to succeed in energy management, so we offer educational webinars on various energy topics as part of our Energy Leader Webinar series.

This coming Tuesday, we will be presenting Tips to Get Buy-In for Your Energy Projects, a webinar featuring Eric Woodroof of Profitable Green Solutions, and EnergyCAP CEO Steve Heinz.

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Webinar content includes:

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  • Quantifying Energy Savings
  • Live Q&A

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Tips to Get

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