If You Want Energy Management Done Right, Do It Yourself

Chris Heinz - June 19, 2012

FCE_adIf you want something done right—do it yourself. That’s what Forest City Enterprises, Inc., a national real estate owner and developer, decided to do by moving all of its utility billing and auditing functions in-house.

Forest City needed an effective way to manage complex accounting and energy management processes. Keeping utility bill payment processes in-house and integrat­ing energy management software with bill payment, reporting, and chargeback processes helped increase efficiency and enhance organizational awareness of energy-related issues.

EnergyCAP energy management software enabled building managers and administrators to easily get the energy information needed to make profitable decisions. According to Joyce Mihalik, Director of Energy Management at Forest City, “EnergyCAP encourages us to work together to record our financial and operations history, so that we don’t have to over-analyze or re-process information. A shared knowledge platform with easy to sort and search capabilities allows everyone to access data quickly, resolve issues, and move on!”

Improving account auditing and eliminating consultant fees are leading to full payback for their EnergyCAP-based energy management solution over a three-year period. In fact, EnergyCAP provided eight different value streams for Forest City Enterprises.

Want to learn more? Read the case study.

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Chris Heinz

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Chris Heinz

Chris is Vice President of Human Resources for EnergyCAP, Inc., which helps organizations get value from their utility bills through energy management software. He's an Associate Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation, a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, and a Certified Professional Life Coach. He also started www.Munyay.com to help people love their life and love their work.

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