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Chris Heinz - October 18, 2013

When selecting a single commodity (such as Natural Gas), is it still all utilities in total cost or just Natural Gas?

The Natural Gas Commodity Auto-Group is only including Natural Gas meters and their associated bills.

Regarding a group of commodities that are not "energy dependent," does the total cost for that group and all commodities include non-energy costs?

I am invoiced for gas separately from two separate vendors.  When looking at meter groups by commodity of Natural Gas, is my unit cost impacted if I have received only one of the two invoices for the month? 
Yes, if both the Supplier and Distribution bills have not been entered, it will impact the unit cost calculations.

If I have three meters at one building that are electric, for example, can they be rolled up and included in reports as one meter?
The meters would retain their individual use and cost information, but you can report at the Building Level for the commodity that you desire.

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Chris Heinz

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