Free Weather Data Helps Explain and Predict Energy Usage

Chris Heinz - July 1, 2010

Weather Data Depot is a free service from EnergyCAP that provides degree day charts and reports. You may ask, "So what exactly is a degree day?" A degree day is a measure of weather severity as it affects building energy use. More heating degree days mean more winter energy use, while more cooling degree days mean more summer energy use.

The FAQs at Weather Data Depot explain the value of degree days in more detail. For example, if the degree day forecast shows a 12% increase in cooling degree days over the same period last summer, then you can use Weather Data Depot to help answer questions such as:

  • How does this year’s weather compare with recent years?

  • What percentage of my energy usage is weather sensitive?

  • How will this warmer weather affect my electric bill?

Routine weather forecasts are available from dozens of websites, but none provide free degree day charts and reports in user-friendly formats like Weather Data Depot. Degree day data forecasts are updated at 7:00 AM ET daily from

You can also give the gift of free degree day data to your website visitors. Simply place one of our attractive Weather Data Depot buttons on your website. If you want, we can customize the link to a specific Zip code. That way when your visitors click on the button, they’ll receive a degree day report for that specific weather station. We’ll provide as many customized Zip code links as you request.

To obtain your free buttons and customized links, simply go to Weather Data Depot and click on “Free Link” at the top right.

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