EnergyCAP Unmasked: Finance Department

Barry Kroeker - August 11, 2015

Small but mighty, the EnergyCAP finance department wields the power of the purse with precision and purpose. Today’s blog introduces our two-member Finance team. 


Carrie Hegedus

carrieHegedusCarrie is an Account Specialist whose principal focus is Accounts Receivable. She arrived at EnergyCAP in 2007, and works part-time on a variety of related tasks. The balance of her time away from work is spent managing her active family, including husband Adam Hegedus (EnergyCAP’s VP of Operations and Chief Information Officer) and three young children.

Carrie is a list person, and enjoys crossing items off her To Do list. When she is not in the office monitoring and updating our client accounts, she enjoys biking, hiking, swimming, going to the beach, and spending time with friends.

Spencer Smith

spencer_SmithSpencer is EnergyCAP’s Controller. He began his work at EnergyCAP in August of 2013, and is tasked with overseeing all financial aspects of EnergyCAP, Inc.

Spencer has brought a higher level of order and discipline to the company’s budget-based finances. This fits nicely with his passion for improving financial processes and finding ways to create meaningful financial reports to enable wise planning and decision-making by company leaders.

Spencer is married, and lives with his wife and three sons on a small farm populated by pigs, cows, and chickens (all of which are no doubt “accounted” for). He also enjoys reading when he can find the time, and prefers historical fiction.

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Barry Kroeker

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Barry Kroeker

Barry is Senior Marketing Manager for EnergyCAP, Inc., where he manages company advertising, campaign and content development, PPC , SEO, social media, and client case studies.

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