EnergyCAP Release Offers Web-Based Bill Management

Chris Heinz - September 11, 2012

EnergyCAP Online Release 2.12.0 has been officially released to all EnergyCAP-hosted clients, and the product's powerful new bill management options should be a welcome addition to the web-based version. Non-hosted clients will benefit from the new functionality in a few short weeks.

Check out the video for an overview of 2.12.0 functionality!


Bill entry and bill management were the focus of developers' efforts, and the results are worth celebrating. Clients working online will be amazed at the speed and flexibility of the improved app.

BIll Lists have been upgraded to provide much more powerful and customizable displays. Here are just a few of the changes:

  • Add or Remove Columns: Customize bill lists to display only the data you need!

  • Drag-and-Drop Columns: Re-order columns to prioritize information.

  • Change Column Width: Click-and-drag to adjust column borders to the size you want.

  • Three-fold Sort: Sort by up to three parameters simply by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking the desired column headers.

  • Bill List Filters: Context-sensitive filters make it easy to locate and display only the bills you want to see.

  • Excel Export: Export any bill list to Excel exactly as it has been configured, including column order and sorting.

The new Bill Lists are available at the Meter level, Account level, in Bill Processing, Bill Import Errors, and Bills with Problem Flags. A new Bill Batch List provides easy batch management, including audits and integration with the Workflow features of the installed EnergyCAP Enterprise application. The new My Bills category allows users to create as many custom Bill Lists as they want.

The Bill Processing module offers several new Bill Entry features:

  • Additional Account, Vendor and Meter data can now be edited from the bill entry window.

  • Additional bill property values are now displayed.

  • All bill problem flags, account alerts and account memos are now displayed.

  • Bills can be voided or approved.

  • Special charges can be added during bill creation or editing

All PowerViews have been modified to set the chart X axis to "0". The Zero-Based PowerViews give a more consistent appearance to the application, and make it much easier to spot variations and anomalies with chart data.

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Chris Heinz

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