EnergyCAP Earns FedRAMP Authorization

Blaine Clapper - January 7, 2021

We are pleased to announce that our EnergyCAP® energy management information solution (EMIS) has been granted an Authorization to Operate (ATO) under the U.S. Government’s FedRAMP program and is now an authorized participant in the FedRAMP Marketplace. The U.S. Department of State granted the ATO and is now the first EnergyCAP client in the FedRAMP environment.

The certification confirms that ECI’s robust software platform and data hosting service meet the rigorous security requirements outlined by the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA). FedRAMP provides a uniform approach to risk-based security management and improves the trustworthiness, reliability, consistency, and quality of the federal security authorization process. EnergyCAP is now the obvious choice for federal agencies in need of cloud-based utility bill tracking, management of submeter-based chargebacks for tenants and reimbursable activities, energy and sustainability reporting, goal tracking, and measurement and verification of savings (M&V).

ECI established a GSA contract (Contract #: GS35F231CA) in 2015 to streamline the EnergyCAP purchasing process for federal and other publicly funded organizations. By purchasing under ECI’s GSA contract, organizations can bypass the costly and time-consuming public procurement process and are guaranteed to receive the lowest price available. The addition of FedRAMP-certified data hosting completes ECI’s offering and reinforces EnergyCAP as the go-to energy management solution for federal agencies.

“We’ve served Federal agencies, including several military bases, with utility bill management and energy reporting software for decades. Obtaining an official Authorization to Operate in a cloud environment has been an important objective in serving more agencies and installations, and in satisfying important sustainability, energy reduction and expense accounting goals,” according to Steve Heinz, ECI Founder & CEO.

Until now, many federal agencies have been required to host their EnergyCAP database on premises. By shifting the hosting responsibility to ECI, organizations reduce demands on their staff to maintain their EnergyCAP database(s), including software installation, setup, and maintenance. In addition to lower labor costs, agencies that license EnergyCAP no longer need to dedicate much-needed computer hardware and IT resources to host EnergyCAP on premises. The EnergyCAP implementation process is now much easier and faster, and customers can be confident that their data resides in a federally approved, secure hosting environment.

With the addition of the FedRAMP-certified hosting, ECI now offers three hosting service levels in addition to its Standard service: Advanced, Optimum, and FedRAMP. EnergyCAP customers that may want expanded services—multiple databases, automated process support, multi-factor authentication, event logging, and more—are encouraged to visit the company’s Hosting Services page to learn about available options.

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Blaine Clapper

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Blaine Clapper

Blaine is EnergyCAP, LLC’s Chief Marketing Officer and an AEE-certified Business Energy Professional.

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