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Blaine Clapper - April 19, 2019

So much data, so little time. An all-too-common scenario for energy managers.

Utility bills arrive like clockwork (you hope) every month by the dozens or hundreds. Each one contains numerous line items, providing useful details about facility energy consumption and cost. Ideally, that valuable information is being tracked in EnergyCAP, where it’s readily available for analysis. 

Download Energy MGMT Report Guide

Q: With a library of more than 300 EnergyCAP reports to choose from, how do you determine which reports are going to give you—the energy manager—the data you need to spot potential issues and make informed decisions?

A: EnergyCAP’s Founder & CEO, Steve Heinz, recently assembled a top-ten list of reports that he recommends for facility and energy managers. The reports are based on the latest EnergyCAP Version 7 technology, can be filtered to convey the specific information needed, provide actionable data in an easy-to-understand format, and look great.


Click on the link below to download Steve’s “Energy Manager’s Report Guide.” The Guide includes an image of each report, supporting notes, and suggested report filters.

If you have a favorite EnergyCAP report and want to share it with your peers, please do so in a comment below. Not yet an EnergyCAP user but would like to learn more? Please contact us.

download: energy mgmt report guide


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Blaine Clapper

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Blaine Clapper

Blaine is EnergyCAP, Inc.’s Chief Marketing Officer and an AEE-certified Business Energy Professional.

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