Effective Energy Management from Home—Wrap-up

Steve Heinz - April 9, 2020

Welcome to the wrap-up of my blog series on Effective Energy Management from Home. If you haven’t read the five previous posts, give them a quick read first.

If you’ve kept up with the series and have had the time and EnergyCAP access ability to take my recommendations, congratulations! You have used your time at home wisely to become a more effective Energy Manager. 

As the world changes around us literally with each daily news report and government decree, your energy manager world has changed as well. Hopefully, you can list some accomplishments from just the last two weeks:

  • You have a new appreciation for the power and value of EnergyCAP version 7 reports in the Energy Management Report Guide. [Blog #1]
  • You’ve used Report-01 to “eyeball” your historical data and now have a list of things to check that just don’t seem right. [Blog #5]
  • Report-02 and the Groups & Benchmarks module have highlighted some meters that seem to be outliers with abnormally high unit cost. You get bonus points if you’ve already contacted your utility company account rep and asked for alternate rate schedule options. [Blog #5]
  • You have a new appreciation for the benefits of what is often called “BPO—Business Process Outsourcing” and can see the value and long-term cost savings of outsourcing utility bill capture and processing to the economical EnergyCAP Bill CAPture℠ [Blog #2]
  • You’re envious of energy managers and facility managers who have immediate access to near real-time smart meter interval data and have a new appreciation for the value of actionable building “heartbeat” dashboards. [Blog #3]
  • You found some time to customize sample dashboards and share them with interested stakeholders, a great leap forward in “democratizing” energy data for easy viewing by everyone. [Blog #4]
  • And if you haven’t been able to do much of anything because EnergyCAP is hosted on-premises by your IT department and you can’t access it from home, you’ve made a note to discuss a cost-savings move to EnergyCAP hosting. [Blog #1]

We all need to reduce operating expenses in every way possible, today more than ever. Thank you for walking this journey with me, and sincere best wishes for health, safety, and a very successful energy management program. 

Normal processes disrupted due to work-at-home restrictions? The EnergyCAP team is fully operational and available to help you. Contact us if you need assistance with data entry or management, user training, or other EnergyCAP-related process.

Topics: Software Features- Energy Management- The Workplace- Energy and Culture

Steve Heinz

About the Author
Steve Heinz

Steve is the Founder of EnergyCAP, LLC. He is a Professional Engineer, a Certified Measurement & Verification Professional, and Certified Energy Manager with 45 years of experience in energy accounting software and mechanical and architectural engineering. In recognition of his accomplishments, Steve was named the 2013 International Energy Engineer of the Year by the Association of Energy Engineers.

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