Effective Energy Management from Home—Part Two

Steve Heinz - March 26, 2020

Welcome to my blog series, #2 of 5, on Effective Energy Management from Home. If you haven’t read blog #1, I recommend you give it a quick read first.

How is working from home going? I read some interesting posts recently on the topic of “What I’d tell my younger self.” Bill Gates said,  “learn to recognize and appreciate people’s different talents.”Others said, “network more,” “find a great mentor,” “find a great passion,” “don’t be afraid to fail,” and “try many different jobs.” But no one thought of the most valuable advice for today’s world—“store a case of toilet paper.”

Because you never know when you’re going to really wish you had it. Which brings me to the topic of our Bill CAPture℠ service.  Bill CAPture takes utility bill entry out of your hands and into our automated workflow. There are various process options and details which are described on our website and illustrated below.


This is particularly relevant today because your ability to receive and enter utility bills promptly may be severely limited, perhaps even totally delayed until offices re-open. Then what? A huge backlog? Missed payments, late fees, interest charges, service interruptions? It all adds up to extra hassles, added expenses, and unwelcome stress. You’ll wish your future message to your younger self would have been, “Enroll your accounts in Bill CAPture!”

Thanks to the automated and distributed processing of Bill CAPture, our clients experienced no service interruptions or slowdowns, and all at a “life cycle” cost less than in-house or consultant labor. 

We can take the paperwork out of utility bill processing for you…but sorry, we can’t replace it with actual toilet paper. If you haven’t turned to Bill CAPture yet, ask us about it.

Stay well! And best wishes that you can use your work-from-home time to become a more effective Energy Manager.

Normal processes disrupted due to stay-at-home restrictions? The EnergyCAP team is fully operational and available to help you. Contact us if you need assistance with data entry or management, user training, or other EnergyCAP-related process.

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Steve Heinz

About the Author
Steve Heinz

Steve is the Founder of EnergyCAP, LLC. He is a Professional Engineer, a Certified Measurement & Verification Professional, and Certified Energy Manager with 45 years of experience in energy accounting software and mechanical and architectural engineering. In recognition of his accomplishments, Steve was named the 2013 International Energy Engineer of the Year by the Association of Energy Engineers.

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