As FASER Energy Management Software Retires, EnergyCAP Offers the Only Certified Data Conversions

Chris Heinz - December 20, 2010

As FASER energy accounting software retires, EnergyCAP, Inc. is offering the only certified data conversions.

December 2010 marks the end of a distinguished 30-year career for FASER Energy Accounting software. Beginning with its initial development in 1980, FASER quickly became the industry-leading utility bill tracking and energy reporting software for PCs. FASER recorded such firsts as:

  • First measurement and verification module (in 1985) for the calculation of the cost avoidance attributable to energy performance contracts.

  • First PC-based utility rate schedule analysis engine (in 1987) to calculate the “what if” scenarios of rate changes.

  • First Accounts Payable interface (in 1991) to streamline utility bill auditing and processing.

  • First Benchmarking module to share energy analytics across a business or government enterprise.

EnergyCAP Energy Management Software was developed by members of the same team that created FASER. Leveraging the experience gained over decades of use by thousands of clients, developers of EnergyCAP have created a next-generation software suite that is far more powerful and easy to use.

In order to assist FASER users, EnergyCAP is providing an Expedited Upgrade Service with exclusive database-to-database FASER conversions. No other company can provide direct database conversions; they all rely on Excel and Access exports.Once FASER expires, a FASER user has no way to export data to Excel or Access. Only EnergyCAP has the database tools, developed in 2003 when EnergyCAP succeeded FASER, to seamlessly transfer data from FASER’s obsolete database to EnergyCAP’s SQL Server platform.

In ten business days or less, EnergyCAP will convert FASER data to EnergyCAP and provide users with the latest web-based interface. From there, users can upgrade to EnergyCAP Enterprise, a powerful version for large organizations with complex energy tracking needs, or to EnergyCAP Express, a fully online version for smaller organizations that starts at just $49.95 per month (a free, no obligation 30-day trial is available).

Both EnergyCAP versions offer utility bill tracking, energy and greenhouse gas analysis, auditing, benchmarking, reporting, automatic submittal to ENERGY STAR, and degree day weather comparisons.

For information about the official FASER Expedited Upgrade Service, contact EnergyCAP at 877.327.3702, , or

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