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The Advantages of Centralized Utility Bill Management

How Much Will You Save with an Energy Management Information System?

EPA’s “Top Cities” Use EnergyCAP

New Bill Analysis Spots Problems, Eliminates False Positives


EnergyCAP Receives Green Business Partner Award

Introducing EnergyCAP Academy, Help Center

WeatherDataDepot Degree Day Site Updated

Be a Data-Driven Energy Manager

15 Questions to Ask EMIS Vendors BEFORE You Buy

EnergyCAP and Your Mission-Critical Contracts Plan

Flatliner M&V Best Practices

Put On Your BudgetCAP

A Stimulus Check for Your Utilities Budget

Effective Energy Management from Home – The Follow-up

Effective Energy Management from Home—Wrap-up

Effective Energy Management from Home—Part Five

Effective Energy Management from Home—Part Four

Failing the Eyeball Test

Effective Energy Management from Home—Part Three

Effective Energy Management from Home—Part Two

Effective Energy Management from Home—Part One

Creating a Culture of Conservation

(UPDATE) Painful Labor: The Hidden Costs of Inefficient Utility Bill Processing

Leveraging EnergyCAP’s APIs

Commonwealth Announces 3% Energy Reduction in Program’s First Year

A View Into 2020

UPDATE—10 Free Energy Newsletters You Might Want to Read

Managing Energy Information

Best Practices in Campus Energy Information Management, Chargebacks, and Internal Billings

Isaac Newton, Alchemy, and the Origins of M&V

Five Indispensable Parts Of Your Next Presentation

Energy Block Grant Program Renewal Underway

(Still) Improving Utility Bill Auditing

EnergyCAP Road Show

Speaking Three Languages in Kentucky

EnergyCAP Users In The News

The Dashboard Challenge

Energy Manager’s Report Guide

Reinventing Campus Distributions & Tenant Rebilling

PSU to Help Modernize the Grid

Keys to Long-Term EMIS Success

Saving Energy in University Housing

Accidental Energy Savings

Energy Re-Imagined

Catalyst for Change

Are Your ENERGY STAR Scores About to Drop?

Changing Behavior to Save Energy

President Trump Endorses “Measure – Manage – Save”

Lights On In Miami-Dade County

EnergyCAP Users Are “Top Cities”

Riverside County’s Path to Energy Savings

Energy Efficiency Investments Beat Wall Street

For EnergyCAP, It's A New Generation

8 Big Benefits of Establishing a Role & Outcome Statement for Every Employee

A Philadelphia Case Study

Is ENERGY STAR a Viable Alternative to M&V?

8 Things Employees Expect at Work

Superior Forecast Accuracy

Not for Profit. For Education.

EnergyCAP On The Road

Energy-Efficient Cities Using EnergyCAP

The Ins and Outs of Campus Energy Data

The Paris Climate (Dis)Agreement

Unleash Your Productivity: Part Two

Fleet Tracking with EnergyCAP

Unleash Your Productivity: Part One

Software As A Foundation (SaaF)

Losing A STAR?

NYC Doubling Down on Benchmarking Mandate

Failure is NOT Inevitable!

Success Stories From the (Energy Management) Front

Dating Rules for Utility Bills

2017: An EnergyCAP Year in Preview

How We Hire the Right People

Energy Management Resources Coming Your Way

Energy Management in the Trump Era

One Kind of Stewardship

The End of a ‘Quest

Implementation Started for State of Connecticut and City of Los Angeles

A County’s EnergyCAP Tale

Cost Avoidance Webinar will Launch New Client Outreach

Tribute to an Energy Management Veteran

Improving Utility Bill Auditing

Green Run Amok

GSA Advantages for Energy Management Software Procurement

The What and Why of Energy Management Software Retro Commissioning

Severe Weather CAN Impact Your M&V Calculations

Interval Data: A Valuable Complement to Billing Data

Use Utility Data to Inspire Your Next Energy Management Project

Tips for Getting Buy-In for Your Energy Project

Beware the Corrected Utility Bill

Pebble Beach Update | Webinar on Getting Project Buy-In

We're All in This Together

Measuring Progress toward Zero Energy

Project Approved!

Software is a Tool, not the Master

EDI: Two Decades the Champ, but Still Misunderstood

It’s Not Fair Not to Normalize

Lipstick on a Pig? 12 Questions to Ask an EMS Software Vendor BEFORE You Buy

Miami-Dade County’s NACo Awards

An EnergyCAP Health Checkup: Plantar Fasciitus

An EnergyCAP Health Checkup: Scintillating Scotoma

An EnergyCAP Health Checkup: Diplopia

Pebble Beach, Here They Come!

The Cure for Database Dyspepsia

Are You Due for a Checkup?

What Energy Managers Want

It’s Time to Use Auto-Groups in EnergyCAP

Catalyst Survey Results Are In!

Bill Lists in EnergyCAP

Catalyst in Pictures

Recent EnergyCAP Releases Add Value for Clients

How Automated API Testing is Helping EnergyCAP Clients

The Right to Energy

GMU's Energy Management Reboot Saving Big Money

Highlights from Last Week's AccuWeather Webinar

Check out EnergyCAP’s Top Ten Blogs

How AccuWeather Data Provides Value to Energy Managers

Tucson Two-Step [New Case Study from EnergyCAP]

8 Things You Can Do With Energy Management Software

Good News! A/P and GL Export is Coming in ECO

Primary Election 2016: What’s an Energy Voter to Do?

Using Negative Feedback to Your Advantage

Excel Cheats for EnergyCAP Setup (Import) and Update Sheets

News “Flash” – Catalyst 2016 is all about Progress

Bill CAPture Service Addresses Major Customer Pain Point

Nuggets of Weather Wisdom to Close Out the Old Year

Nailing Your Utility Budget

An Up Close and Personal Budget Blog

The Icing on the Cake

The Nitty Gritty of Obtaining Your ENERGY STAR Building Certification

Treasure Hunting at Loudoun County Public Schools

Help Creating Your Annual Utilities Budget

The Top 10 “People Factors” in Energy Management Success

EnergyCAP Release 3.4.0 Offers ENERGY STAR Improvements

Four Reasons I Close My Email While Working

How Utility Bill Data Can Save You Money—Part 4

How Utility Bill Data Can Save You Money—Part 3

How Utility Bill Data Can Save You Money—Part 2

Cute Budget Video

How Utility Bill Data Can Save You Money—Part 1

10 Energy Ted Talks You Need to Hear

Five Questions and Answers on Real-time Energy Metering

[Infographic] Unifirst Corporation—Doing Your Laundry

Reassurance is Futile … (Don't seek it)

Emotional Courage Often Missing in the Workplace

Why PV Solar and Wind Add New Challenges for M&V

Dirty Laundry Offers Energy Management Challenge

Energy Management Maturity Model [Infographic]

14 Quotes from the Global Leadership Summit

How ENERGY STAR Calculates Your Building Rating

Utility Bills Plus Interval Data—A Marriage Made in Heaven

Kroger's Energy Management Strategy [Video]

Carbon Dioxide Pollution - How Dirty is Your Electricity?

EnergyCAP Unmasked: Finance Department

New Features in EnergyCAP Release 3.3.1

Utility Bill Processing [Infographic]

EnergyCAP’s New Resource Library: An Overview

The Excitement of New Beginnings

My Seven Favorite Things About Our New Website

What If Energy Management's Not Your Passion? The Difference Between Jobs, Careers, and Callings

Takeaways from the Better Buildings Summit

New People at EnergyCAP, Inc.

How Loudoun County Schools Avoided $58 Million in Energy Costs [Video]

Two New Features in EnergyCAP Online

How a Curious Castle Connects to Our Clients

12 Value Streams of Interval Data [Video]

Coldest Winter in 15 Years? Weather Data Shows it Depends on Where You Live.

5 Reasons to Track Building Energy Use in ENERGY STAR

Energy Insights from the Philippines

EnergyCAP Unmasked: Customer Service

Phoenix Airport Visit Highlights Energy Opportunities

5 Must-Run EnergyCAP Reports

Musings on Football and Energy Management

If You Missed It...

EnergyCAP Unmasked: Operations Department

We Did It Again!

Why Bother With Accruals?

An Overview of the DOE’s New Building Energy Asset Score

Peer Advice for New Energy Managers

It's Official: We are an Environmental Leader Award Winner

Overview: ENERGY STAR DataTrends

5 Ways to Build Your Energy Management Team

How One County Transformed Its Utility Bill Review and Payment Process

Establishing an Institutional Energy Policy

Top Ten Ebooks from EnergyCAP

EnergyCAP Unmasked: Implementation Project Managers

How to Set a SMART Goal

The Most Successful Email Subject Line Ever—and How It Relates to You

Energy Managers–Time to Grow Up!

Survey Results: 2015 Energy Management Trends

Becoming Legacy vs. Leaving a Legacy

How to Analyze a Utility Bill

County's PV Project Promises Reductions

Building an Energy Management Legacy

EnergyCAP Is Hiring!

How (and Why) to Verify Utility Billing Data

Time Management: Working in the Upper Left Quadrant

Don't Miss Your Meters

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